Sweet Mesquite Sriracha Scallops Recipe

September 27, 2019

Sweet Mesquite Sriracha Scallops Recipe

Scallops can be a tricky thing, and a little intimidating to the novice chef. But once you’re comfortable cooking scallops you’ll find that they are not only easy, but a fast and delicious weeknight meal option that’s full of protein. Paired with our Sweet Mesquite Sriracha blend, you’ll have a seafood feast ready in only a few minutes.

Scallops are actually the common name for saltwater clam. The muscle of the clam is the meat that is sold as seafood. Scallops have a similar taste and consistency to lobster or crab but are distinctly different seafood delicacy.  When shopping for scallops it is important to note that they are packaged in two ways, dry and wet. A wet scallop has been soaked in a preservative solution that usually causes them to retain more moisture. A dry scallop is untreated and are slightly darker when compared to wet scallops. You will also notice that bay scallops are slightly smaller than sea scallops. For pan searing, sea scallops are best and will be less likely to overcook.

To begin, it’s important to pat the scallops dry before seasoning. It’s also important to bring them up to room temperature before cooking. After drying one pound of scallops, you’re ready to season with Sweet Mesquite Sriracha. Coat the scallops on all sides and ensure that they are well coated. Next, heat sesame oil in a large skillet on medium-high heat. When oil is hot, gentle add scallops to the pan. Make sure they are not touching each other while cooking. Sear the scallops on each side for 1-2 minutes.

You’ll know the scallops are seared when they have a golden crust on each side. The center of the scallop should remain light, however. If you remove them from the heat when they are translucent in the center, carry over heat will continue to cook the scallops. This is also why it’s important to only sear each side for a short amount of time. When you press the scallop slightly with a fork, it should bounce back slightly and not be mushy. When a scallop is over cooked, it’ll be tough and less flavorful.

When the scallops are cooked, remove them from the heat and set aside. In the same skillet now empty, reduce the heat to medium-low. Add the remaining seasoning from your Sweet Mesquite Sriracha packet as well as one can of 14oz coconut milk. Stir well and being the contents of the skillet to a boil. Make sure you are constantly whisking the sauce as it thickens. Once the sauce has reached the desired thickness, remove it from the heat and serve immediately with scallops over rice noodles or jasmine rice!


1 lb scallops

Sweet Mesquite Sriracha

Jasmine Rice or Egg Noodles

1 can coconut milk

Sesame Oil

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