Vindaloo Curry Stir Fry Recipe

May 23, 2018

Vindaloo Curry Stir Fry Recipe

Vindaloo Curry Sauce

Vindaloo Curry is a curry known for its spice and warmth. It’s complex dish that has earned an international reputation and is loved by many. Although the recipe has changed over the years from its original roots in India, the Vindaloo curry that we know today is still a classic Indian dish. If you’re looking for a way to recreate this dish in your own home, we’ve created an artisanal spice blend that makes it so easy!

To begin, in a large pan, sauté your veggies in about one tablespoon of olive oil at medium heat. We recommend cooking the veggies until they are “al dente”. Cut your boneless chicken thighs into half inch cubes and add those to the pan as well. They should be cooked thoroughly and completely. The internal temperature of the chicken should be 165 degrees.

Pour in the entire contents of the Vindaloo Sauce Colorado Spice Blend. Add one cup of water to the pan and stir well. Turn down your burner and let the sauce simmer with your chicken and veggies until the desired consistency has been reached and the flavors are well blended. Once the sauce is done simmering you are ready to serve!

We like to add a few different veggies to our sauté, such as peppers onions and broccoli florets. You could even add peas or potatoes. Additionally, you could easily make this dish vegan or vegetarian by substituting chicken for chickpeas or tofu. If you choose to create this dish with beef or seafood, ensure that you cook either one to an internal temperature of 145 degrees.

If you’d like to make this sauce by itself without a sauté, simply pour the dry sauce blend into a small sauce pan. Add one cup of water and stir. Let the sauce simmer until the desired consistency is reached.

Vindaloo curry is normally served over rice and with a side of warm naan bread. Top your dish with fresh cilantro and you will have created a gourmet Vindaloo Curry dish in your own home, without any trouble at all. If you enjoyed this recipe and decide to try it out, we’d love to know about your experience and what you think! Please reach out if you have any questions or to simply let us know how it went!

Prep instructions:

  1. In 1T oil, sauté stir fry veggies and broccoli

flowerets, cook until al dente.

  1. Add in boneless skinless chicken thighs, cut ½ in, cook until cooked through
  2. Stir in entire contents of Vindaloo sauce blend
  3. Add 1 C water. Stir well. Let simmer until sauce is at desired consistency and flavors have blended.
  4. Cook to a minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees for poultry or 145 degrees for beef or seafood.
  5. For sauce only recipe, pour dry sauce blend into a small sauce pan, add 1 C water, and bring to a simmer. Let it reduce until it reaches the desired consistency.

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