10 Easy Ways To Declutter Your Kitchen

November 11, 2020

10 Easy Ways To Declutter Your Kitchen

Perhaps you’ve watched some episodes of Marie Kondo lately and have thought, “Wow, I really want to declutter my things!” But have you thought about decluttering your kitchen? If you find yourself with some extra time on your hands this week or coming weekend, we encourage you to organize your kitchen. You’ll be left with a totally refreshed space that feels just lovely to cook in. In fact, you probably won't know how cluttered your kitchen is, until you get to work. To help you get started, here are some ideas to help you accomplish this decluttering project!

1). Start With The Fridge

First take a peek inside of your fridge and see where things currently live. Then create a plan for where you would like things to live and create labels for those sections. Next take everything out of the fridge and put items back in their new designated areas! We bet there will be plenty of items that have expired and need to be tossed, which will provide more room for fresh food and will also help reduce any funky smells . . .

2). Tackle One Pantry Shelf At a Time

Take out all items in your pantry, then decide what items you'd like to live on each shelf. Label each shelf, then start to organize items accordingly. Taking everything out of the pantry will allow you to fully see which items have expired, which you can donate, and which you will keep! Extra salt & pepper packets, condiment packets, utensils, etc., should live in one organized labeled bin or drawer. If you hoard these take-out items and never use them, give them to a friend. Don’t just throw them out if you can avoid it!

3). Then Tackle One Drawer At a Time

Just like your pantry shelves, take everything out of each drawer and decide what items will live in each drawer. Get rid of duplicates and only keep what you will actually use. Be sure to label drawers (on the inside) to remind yourself and others in your household, for where items live. 

4). Pick Only Your Favorite Mugs To Keep

Just as you would “Marie Kondo” your clothes to see which items “spark joy,” do the same for your mugs. We know you have a multitude of mugs that drive you nuts, so choose the ones that you love to drink from and donate the rest! 

5). Streamline Your Cleaning Supplies

We bet most of the cleaning supplies in your kitchen live under your sink. As you would for the pantry and drawers, take out all of the cleaning supplies and organize in an efficient, tidy manner. 

6). Be Meticulous About Your Food Storage Containers

When it comes to your food storage containers, make sure to only keep items that have a matching and working, lid. Everything else can go. Either split one drawer for all containers and lids, or use two drawers (one for lids, one for containers). Whatever you decide, make sure to organize these items in a functional manner. Perhaps this decluttering will help you switch from plastic food storage containers, to glass!

7). Optimize Counter Space.

What appliances do you have out on your counter that really don’t need to live there? If you only use your toaster every once in a while, have a designated spot for it to live when it's not in use. This way you can bring the appliance out only when you need and put it away when you don’t. 

8). Utilize Hooks!

Hang hooks, like command hooks, on the walls or sides of counters to hang kitchen towels and aprons! This will create a functional system that is also organized and neat. 

9). Decide On a Certain Number To Keep

Whether it’s lunch boxes, water bottles, pots, pans or silverware, decide on a set number to keep, then donate the rest! 1 person doesn't need 8 different water bottles! So, really test if each item "spark joy" or not.

10). When In Doubt, Tape It Out!

If you're really unsure if you should donate or keep an item in your kitchen, use the tape method. Put a piece of tape onto all of the items in your kitchen. As you use each item, take off the tape. Any item with tape still on it after six months can be gifted to a friend or sent to donation.


Let Us Know How It Goes

Don't forget to show us your before and after decluttering photos! If you found this blog to be helpful, be sure to comment down below. For more great tips and tricks regarding all things cooking, please subscribe to our email list & follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the loop. Happy decluttering everyone!

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