Fall Spice Bundle (6-Pack Variety Spice Blends)

Colorado Spice


Fall is in the air! It's time to turn on the oven, warm up the house and fill it with the scents of the season. Are Fall Spice Bundle (and corresponding Chef's recipes) are perfect roasts, soups, slow-cookers and more. You'll get two (2x) each of the following spice blends:  

Chef's Recipe for Coconut Curry Sauce: In 1T oil, sauté 1lb meat or seafood, until cooked through.  Add in 1 ½ Cup Vegetable Mix (suggested: sliced; Onions, Red Pepper, Cauliflower flowerets), cook for another five minutes until vegetable are al dente. Stir in entire packet - Coconut Curry Sauce. Add in 1 Cup water. Stir well. Let simmer until sauce reaches desired consistency and flavors have blended. Cook to minimum internal temperature of 165° for poultry or 145° for beef or seafood. For sauce only recipe, pour dry sauce blend into a small sauce pan, add 1C water, and bring to a simmer.
Let reduce until sauce reaches desired consistency. 

Chef's Recipe for Balsamic Chicken Saute: Cook 12 ounces of pasta according to package directions. In a 10-inch saute pan, bring olive oil to medium high heat and place 2 chicken breasts (slice diagonally in 1/2 inch strips) in pan. Sprinkle chicken generously with entire package of Balsamic Chicken Rub and cook until done, turning frequently. To hot oil and cooked seasoned chicken, add 4 oz clean, sliced mushrooms, 1 chopped medium white onion, and 1 chopped medium bell pepper. Stir continuously. Add 1/4 teaspoon lime juice and 1/8 bunch fresh chopped parsley. Serve over cooked pasta.

Chef's Recipe for Crock Pot Beef: Place 2 ¾ to 3 lbs. of Meat (Beef for Stew, Pot Roast or Short Ribs) in Crock Pot. Pour entire packet Crock Pot Beef Seasoning over meat. Place vegetables – baby carrots, new potatoes and onion (cut in half) on top and around meat.Cover and cook on low for 8 hours or on high for 5 hours.
- Cook to minimum internal temperature of 145° for beef.

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